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About the Amateur

My name is Jake Dzurino and I am an amateur at life. I am not old enough or wise enough to have significant expertise in anything, even though I thought my college degree stated otherwise. So why do I think I am smart enough to create a blog and spew my experiences at you? Because I am just like you! I believe that our desire to be someone can make us perform at the level of an expert.


I believe we all play a unique role in the mechanics of the universe. Like the gears of a clock, both small and large, we all work in perfect harmony to make time tick forward. The hilarious thing is that we only see the daily disorder of our own lives and forget to look at the overall progress of time, both how far we have come and how far we have yet to go.





As I ambitiously attack each day to gain the experience I need to progress my working career forward, I find that I meet more people with the same problem who may be 10, 20, 30 or 40 years older than me.


From this discovery, I have come to believe that we only find who we are and achieve happiness by going through all of the experiences that life has in store. The trials, the errors, the perils the triumphs all make one hell of a story to read. Each lesson, a chapter, each story, a life that gets filed in the library of life.


I am just a gear in a clock, a spec of dust, a creature of creation, an amateur who is working to earn more experience.

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