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Writing Your Life's Story

When you look at the events of your life to this point, what does it consist of? Think about the people you have come across, the places you have left your mark upon and the things that you have accomplished. Judging your life up until today, would you have any regret? As life’s story goes on, I believe that we transition from one chapter to the next, learning new lessons, tackling new challenges and, so long as we try, growing from every turn life takes. Each day therefore becomes a line in the grand story of our lives. Think about what they will write one day, when they write your life’s story.

There will be heroes, villains, princes and princesses, and a mystical man with a long beard but don't forget, you are the protagonist in it all. It is important to remember that everyday we live, we are in the process of writing our own stories. We write them with each decision we make, each failure we shake and every accomplishment we take.

My story is and should be very different from your’s. Success is a relative and irrelevant measurement that only adds stress that doesn’t matter. What one accomplishes at 21 another will not experience until 41. The path that each of us are walking down is unique to our own individual journey. There is no prize for the first to finish and the only judge in it all, is yourself in your belief that you made the right decisions and experienced all you could.

I have lived in several different cities, climates and cultures. The people I meet, the lives I become a part of and the adventure that new places seem to bring has been amazing. While I find it easy to long for a stable life where I can settle down and get a dachshund, I just feel like there is so much more to see and to do. Continuing on gives me more stories to tell.

Each place that I find myself in, I find a new lesson that life insists I learn. It is how I have learned to write new chapters in the book of my life. What's more interesting is that leaving your home and going out into the world ends up teaching you tings that you never thought you would need to know. Often, I find these very hard lessons learned end up being the classic life lessons that shape your very character. As so many of the great books of literature around the world have taught us, there is nothing that molds one's character like a classic unanticipated adventure. Think about a trip you have gone on with maybe just a few friends when something crazy happens and you and your companions must navigate the situation. Maybe you got lost, got searched at the border of another country, spent the worst hangover ever on a 12 hour flight home or maybe you went to a bar and met an opera singer who decided to perform for you and the otherwise empty bar. Speaking from experience, these you just had to be there moments will happen and are priceless. They help mold you into an even more experienced and amazing person than you already are. Get out there and try something crazy!

Having recently moved again, I am excited to push forward in a new environment filled with opportunity, new people, warm weather and an airport that takes me anywhere in the world. I think it is an important part of one’s life to adventure, wander and fail. In my experience, these are typically things that precede happiness. They also make great material for wonderful stories. Y’all know I like to tell stories. I know I am very young and relatively naive to many of life’s challenges but I have always taken good notes in the wake of the moments that matter. From funerals to fiestas, I have seen a good many people and places and I have enjoyed the story so far. I can only eagerly anticipate all the twists and turns of the pages that have yet to be written. I hope it gives you a thrill as much as it does me to wonder about the epic that will one day be your life’s story.

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